What Does Research Participation Involve? 

The specifics of participation will vary from study-to-study. In most cases you will be asked to visit our lab at the University of New South Wales to complete questionnaires, give interviews and/or complete tasks on computer. We then take the data you give us and examine the similarities and differences between participants, and how this relates to their experiences of psychological illness. On occasion, we also examine how cognitive and behavioural strategies can improve the symptoms of psychological illness.

All our studies are approved by the appropriate ethics committees at the university and we take your safety and privacy very seriously. As with any ethical research, you are free to withdraw from the study and decline to have your data included at any point. 

Current Study Recruitment


We are looking for people who have a diagnosis of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and are and are interested in participating in researching concerning learning and decision making. This study involves an interview, filling out questionnaires and a brief computer task. For approximately 1.45 hours of your time, you will receive $30 with the potential to win up to another $16.

If you are interested, please email or leave a voice message on 0401 326 430.

This project (HC180738) has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Advisory Panel for the School of Psychology, UNSW.